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       With the Excellent foundational knowledge of your business, digital marketing strategy begins to start. First off, We will get together with you then start our discussion session, In which we will discuss, how your business becomes Successful. We will discuss your previous activity and marketing strategy that you have used and as well as your understanding of digital marketing so that we can understand your objective. After this Session, we start a period of auditing and further discovery to fulfill your objective. We take a deep look at your website and find out the areas needed for improvement across both technical SEO and Content and we also take a look at where your business is holding in the competitive field and who is your targeted audience and where they spending most of their time online. 

      After some time, we will create a strategy document, which aims to introduce your new strategy for your business and that we would like to do. It Will be shared with you. It will be with these goals and objectives that we measure our work performance. Our strategic Digital Marketing team members build data, content, SEO, and paid media tactic maps which form a part of our strategy document. These tactics maps prioritize the tasks and tactics that will have the most impact on your targets and objectives. When we start the work on your business then every month our strategic Digital Marketing team will meet you aside to discuss the progress and tactics. It is passed to you through monthly reports and quarterly review meetings, where we all get to discuss the progress of the strategy, the performance against the goals, and the performance together.

Our Measurement & Insight team lead on account measurement and will put a measurement framework together for you. In order to understand what we can achieve, we can forecast performance for traffic and website conversions and this insight will inform ongoing digital tactics. Our Insight team leads on account measurement and will create a measurement framework for you. To understand what we can do and what we can achieve, we can forecast performance for traffic and website conversions and this insight will inform the ongoing digital strategy.

Marketing Strategy Services From SSITS.

  The key components, of our digital marketing strategy services, are goals, and benefits : 

Discovery & Planning - At the beginning of any work, our strategic team follows a search process to understand what we are trying to achieve and why we are trying to achieve it, while all the potential obstacles and Assess challenges. After our discovery phase, we have made a detailed plan for at least the next 6 months, with a light view of the next 12 months. Flexibility is important and as such, we like it to work iteratively, so if we point to the KPI we can change the strategy. 

Data Strategy - We can determine your performance based on your current situation. Ex - current traffic or conversion data sources, because this is the only way of knowing how you are currently performing and how you can perform against your competitors and targets.   

SEO Strategy -  You can have as many content and acquisition campaigns as possible, but without a website that conforms to technical SEO best practice, you just haven't found it online. Are you thinking of re-branding or changing your website? We have the space and years of experience to make business changes, which are free from such risks and protect your biological presence. But it all starts with strategic planning. Informed by our search process, your SEO strategy can include anything from a local SEO strategy to the best guidance for migrating your site to optimizing for Google search result features, and future-proofing topics. 

Paid Social Media Strategy - It should not be ensured that all its channels work in the same way. Each channel, organic, paid, and social must support a central set of strategic objectives so that your horse carts do not pull in different directions, and Paid Social-media can be the glue that brings them all together. Have you gone through a bad migration and lost traffic? Is a competitor being particularly aggressive or have you lost visibility after a Google algorithm update? Paid media can be a strategic part of the puzzle to support your sales goal with an easy way to cover lost ground, test new ground, or report on ROI.  

Content, Campaigns & Creative Strategy - 

  Once we have understood your business and your digital marketing objectives, we will use what we have learned to inform your content marketing strategy. We use strategic strategy, activism, and creativity to put your brands, products, and services on the map. We will put relevant and reliable content and creative strategy plans, informed by data and expertise over the years of running meaningful, purposeful content campaigns.  

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